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Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery & acceptance, navigating career transitions, or in need of individual or group corporate coaching, I can help you to journey on the path that is right for YOU.

Nokubonga Mbanga
Nokubonga Mbanga

Return to your power, amplify your strengths and create a life of purpose and impact.

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Our consulting focuses on organisational development initiatives that are designed to inspire change. Have a look at some of the initiatives that we drive: Graduate Development, Onboarding and Mentoring Programmes. All the work we do together is driven by a fundamental principle: The desire to make a difference by building a culture/way of doing.

The Self Insights consulting framework entrenches the individual’s expertise, skill and capacity to define, teach, recognise, measure and sustain the subject matter under examination. This is irrespective of the nature of the project. 

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Corporate self-leadership workshops and training packages are designed to achieve your goals and bring forth your personal best, professionally and personally.

Explore my flagship training packages, offered as both public or company-specific programmes.

Group coaching

Group Coaching

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There is incredible power when we really listen to and witness each other’s transformation. Do you want to expand your leadership agenda, raise your self-awareness and show up in confidence?
Self Insights coaching conversations bring a blend of heart, intellect and action! Do you prefer to be in a group coaching environment where we hold space with and for each other?
There is something inspirational when we champion each other
- we are better together

Individual coaching

Individual Coaching

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Become visible to yourself and be anchored in your power.

Learn the tools and strategies to connect with your inner power, increase your reverence and amplify your voice in how you live your life each day.

Become confident with transition.

Learn tools and strategies for navigating through life and career transitions so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.


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I was introduced to coaching about 7+ years ago, at the time I was an unmotivated and I felt stuck in the job I was doing. Through the coaching program I became more confident in my capabilities. This led to me claiming my space better in the organization, acknowledging my strengths and putting myself forward, helping both in my personal space as well as my career. I am currently a property manager, looking after half of the country and in a role that requires me to make/ propose decisions that have a major impact on the organization. I am more aware of my capabilities and utilizes my skill more effectively. Thanks to Nokubonga it is so far a great journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Property Manager, Retail Giant, SA

I have found the experience of being coached by Nokubonga Mbanga extremely positive in helping me to see a clearer path in solving self-esteem issues and achieving my personal development goals.I believe that the approaches and techniques developed with my coach enabled me to improve on my personal and career capacity.I am greatly thankful for the insights, tips and tools which I was exposed to.I encourage individuals to consider a coaching or mentoring path for growth and development purposes.

HR Professional, FMCG SA

Working with Nokubonga has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and seems to know what she is talking about. She ask questions that I never thought of and made me change the way I think and how I view myself. I came to Nokubonga because I needed guidance in my career and was also not feeling good about myself when it came to my work. The mindfulness exercises that we did were quite helpful in how I view myself and my work. There is some positive change and people can notice.

HR Professional, Banking

I’ve worked with Bongi as a coach on two separate occasions in my life - one where I was feeling stuck and looking for assistance with a career change and the other when I was navigating drastic changes in my career during COVID lockdown! During both those occasions, Bongi’s coaching was so helpful! She gave me incredible tools to help me through the uncertainty and come out the other end  in tune with myself and clearer on my next steps! She’s helped me find my voice and confidence professionally and personally and I highly recommend her coaching services!

Product Manager, Tech Industry


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