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In one of Harvard Business Review’s most popular leadership articles, What Makes a Leader (1998), Daniel Goleman states:

“My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but s/he still won’t make a great leader.”

Nearly 25 years later, that intuitive statement continues to hold true in the modern business world. According to the 2018 State of the Heart Research, individuals who focus on developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are 8.2 times more likely to experience greater outcomes. Organizations that focus on promoting and developing EQ as a part of their business strategy are 22 times more likely to experience greater outcomes.

The outcomes studied within the parameters of this research include effectiveness, relationships, well-being, and purpose. So, how can you personally become a better leader and colleague through the power of EQ?

The Solution

A mobile solution to learn, develop, and practice the skills of Emotional Intelligence anytime, anywhere for only R4 500.00 / year / person.

We are excited to introduce THE PRACTICE™, a turnkey approach to learning, developing, and practicing the essential skills of Emotional Intelligence. If your EQ skills are in need of improvement, our program is designed to identify areas of weakness and build on these measurable skills that are crucial to business success.


It’s a well-known fact that the best athletes in the world spend the majority of their time practicing and very little time performing. What does that tell us? That you must commit to practicing your skills in order to remain at the top of your game. Whatever your role may be – leader, team member, coach, parent, student, friend – the key to learning and mastering new behaviors lies in THE PRACTICE™!

is a series of sessions that promotes practice and mastery of EQ skills, with new sessions added monthly. Join the thousands of people who have discovered THE PRACTICE™ and now experience greater effectiveness, agility, resilience, relationships, courage, well-being, and so much more.

Each practice session is available in an on-demand micro-learning format, making it available anytime, anywhere, to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Through this book you will learn:

THE PRACTICE™ is a four-step approach offering practical steps to learn, develop, and master the skills of emotional intelligence, in a low-pressure practice environment.

Step 1: Increase self-awareness through the Six Seconds normed and validated EQ assessment.
Step 2: Create a personalized development plan with the support of an EQ Certified Assessor, along with artificial intelligence, to provide guidance based on your current strengths and weaknesses.
Step 3: Engage in mobile, bite-sized e-learning and practice sessions at your own pace.
Step 4: Receive coaching and feedback from an accredited coach throughout the process.

Online EQ Modules

Online EQ Modules

Do you slow down enough to recognise and name your emotions throughout the day?
If not, now is the time to learn the importance of validating your feelings.

Find value in your emotions

Discover that all feelings have value, and learn to lean into your emotions, while working to identify and control anger, resentment, and irritation.

Create new patterns

When you learn to harness your emotions, you will begin to make intentional reactive choices – instead of instinctive knee-jerk reactions in confrontational or tense situations.


Redirect your thoughts

Our thoughts are part of who we are, and they all have their place. But when we can learn to redirect our thoughts with intention, we can better control our response to a heated situation.

Consider the consequences

35,000. That’s how many conscious decisions you make each day! Some are minor, some are complex, but they all carry consequences and impact your personal and professional relationships.

Building your resilience

Resilience is key in the workplace – not everything is going to go your way. There are good days and bad days. But it is crucial to move forward with intention and put the past where it belongs – in the past.


Manage your workload

Everyone feels stressed and overwhelmed at times. In order to avoid burnout, it is essential to learn strategies to maintain focus, eliminate distractions, set priorities, delegate tasks, and manage workloads effectively.

Live with Purpose

Simon Sinek says, “Those who know WHAT they do, tend to work harder. Those who know WHY, tend to work smarter.” Learn to connect your daily actions with your deeper purpose.

Align To Your Values

Discover the secret to living in alignment with your values to experience personal satisfaction, overall wellness, and meaningful productivity.


Build Trust

Trust is central to successful teamwork, morale, and engagement in the workplace. When you build a foundation of trust, you will advance a culture of healthy relationships, productivity, energy, and wellbeing.

Connect with Others

Connecting with others begins with your ability to slow down, engage active listening, and respond with empathy.

Moving Forward through Disruption

Disruption creates feelings that can drive you forward or leave you paralysed in fear. When you can effectively sidestep uncertainty, you can move forward with courage and conviction.


THE PRACTICE™ offers many advantages that will help you become a true leader and team player:

♦ Turnkey and innovative approach to EQ development
♦ Intentional opportunity to practice and develop EQ skills
♦ Micro-learning blended with assessment and coaching
♦ Cost-effective solutions, providing continuous on-demand development
♦ Training when you need it, where you need it, with 24/7 availability
♦ Retention of course material is optimized, as it is practiced on the job in direct collaboration with real-time workplace situations
♦ Learner is in control of his/her development
♦ Access to the best and brightest minds in the business with resources to offer a variety of perspectives
♦ User-friendly assessments to measure ROI our busy schedule.


With THE PRACTICE™, you will not only develop your emotional intelligence, you will also:

♥ Improve your effectiveness
♥ Increase your agility
♥ Develop resilience
♥ Eliminate burnout
♥ Experience meaningful connections
♥ Improve interpersonal relationships
♥ Increase your confidence
♥ Navigate stress
♥ Achieve balance and well-being

And so much more!

With greater emotional intelligence, organisations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, higher profits, increased customer retention, greater collaboration, and overall organisational vitality.

Experience the measurable results that thousands of businesses have already seen when you choose THE PRACTICE™.

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