Meeting your Power

Return to your power, amplify your strengths and create a life of purpose and impact: Power Up & Rise to your better story.

Nokubonga Mbanga
Nokubonga Mbanga

Are you Ready to meet your Power?

Are you ready to return home to yourself?
Meeting your Power is a decision that defines who you are and is accessible to everyone.

Our personal seat of power is the ability to act in ways that serve both the world and ourselves progressively. Our seat of power is our meaningful contribution to always choosing to become better.

Nokubonga Mbanga
Meeting your Power

Meeting your Power

This book reminds you that you are the master of your mind: that the power to create shifts lies in what we feed our minds and the actions we take on a regular basis.

Co-creating our future is a daily practise. Write, speak, think and do your future today. Be the future now.

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Through this book you will learn:

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To unleash and harness your inner power with simple and practical tools.
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To explore a deeper meaning of love of self and others.
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To celebrate yourself and your worth.
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To return to your power after challenging experiences.


Everyday we receive an invitation to participate and to shape our experiences. An invitation to give birth to something by creating anew. We all receive it and no one is ever excluded.
The only response expected is to participate in our own unique way.

When we have needed answers to be better participants, we have always found those answers within.

The power to love more is inside, the power to overcome fear is inside, the power to forgive is inside, the power to heal is inside, the power to be kind is inside, the power to give is inside, the power to receive is inside, the power to feel worthy is inside, the power to speak up is inside, the power to be brave is inside, the power to feel beautiful is inside, the power to stand is inside, the power to feel good is inside, the power to express ourselves is inside, the power to smile is inside, the power to be happy is inside, the power to inner peace is inside, the power to create is inside, the power to embrace life is inside, the power to be good is inside, the power to rise up is inside, the power to teach and learn is inside.

The power to be, and to create meaningful experiences is INSIDE ALL OF US.

" We are consistently in an interview about who we are, what we stand for or won’t stand for by what we repeatedly do on a daily basis.

What is your interview story?"

Nokubonga Mbanga

Praise for Meeting your Power

Fear delays progress, but gratitude expands progress.
There is so much to be grateful for. Think about all the things that if they were taken away from you that you’d be miserable about. Be thankful for those things. Your mind is like a garden, you decide what you want to grow in your garden, you also decide who you allow to plant a seed in your garden. My take-home message: you are the architect of your life, tap into the POWER that is within you and experience all that God has put inside you.

Boitumelo Fatola

If someone gave me this book when I was 10 years old, I would have been unstoppable. I learnt this truth and relate to the truth in this book when I was in my late 30s and still struggling to meet my power. I am getting copies for my little girls and my son. To my fellow parents: please get this book for your children. Let the truth unshackle them and set them on a path to their greater self. We need this book in every primary and high school in South Africa and in Africa as a whole. The mind is still a prisoner for many. People need to meet their power when they are young: it will change a lot of things.


The idea of having two authors with different backgrounds and fields who are open with their experiences and other women’s experiences showed me that I am not alone in my journey as a young professional. Reading the book felt like having coffee with mature friends who are helping me up the ladder. Each chapter provided a step closer to acceptance of oneself and responsibility. Though not explicit, I could subtly hear the authors say: ''You are not alone, take control and if you bring your best self to the table you will definitely win.''

Zanele Maduna

The experiences and the tools used in the book open your eyes up to the reality of how we use adversity as a breeding ground for excuses to sabotage our own greatness. Meeting your Power allows you to deal with your own demons so that you can finally present the world with what was so tightly clenched in your fists at birth. It’s discovering that you are hurt and hurt people hurt others – it’s a journey of selection - one where you can be a solution and a comfort for the tribe around you. This book taps into your God-given right to excel and in the power that He has enabled you with to rise, destroy, plant, build and to walk in productivity.