Power Up & Rise
Journal & Coaching Cards

Nokubonga Mbanga
Power Up and Rise Journal

Power Up & Rise (Journal & Coaching Cards)

Imagine having a tool that guides your internal and personal conversations.

Imagine having access to questions that inspire and challenge you. 

Imagine 26 coaching sessions with yourself and an abundance of inspiring notes to fuel your leadership agenda.

About the Rise products

This self-development tool is intended to enhance your own growth. The coaching cards are designed as a self-coaching process, starting with a prompt to engage with topics that inspire your rise and ending with  celebration/recognition entries. The intention of this process is to:

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Help you to ritualise your internal conversation with grounding and an incessant attitude to get up.
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Build a strong internal infrastructure. 
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Learn to ask engaging questions.
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To enhance an inquiring mind and expand your perspectives about yourself.
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To understand yourself better so that your identity continues to expand.
Power Up and Rise coaching card
Power Up and Rise coaching card
Power Up and Rise coaching card
Power Up and Rise coaching card
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The Coaching Cards

52 cards:

→ 26 prompts
→ 26 self-coaching cards

The coaching process moves from:

exploratory > commitment > activation > celebrating insights > recognising results > reflecting on the outcomes

what to expect inside the power up and rise journal:

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A journaling space for the self-coaching card process.
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5 Notes on the Rise Inspirations.
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A further 63 questions to reflect and explore self-understanding and rising.
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25 Rise Wisdoms – a combination of quotes and insights.

R750.00 including:

→ 52 Coaching Cards & the Power Up and Rise Journal (hard cover) 
→ excluding delivery fee (which will be determined based on your location)

Who is the Power Up and Rise and Coaching Cards for?

Anyone who wants to grow and enhance their performance and/or impact.
Anyone who is enthusiastic about advocating for her leadership agenda.
For those who thrive in transforming their story.
For the visionaries, storytellers and changemakers.

Exclusive access to the Power Up & Rise Tribe

By purchasing the Coaching Cards and the Power Up & Rise Journal, you automatically have access to monthly online Rise Conversations. Each online session will focus on one of the cards. It will be a space to engage with each other and to explore the topic, together with an action plan.
When you purchase the products, your email address will be added to the list of monthly invites for the session.


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