Where I Am

Where I Am

Inspired by Sibane Mbanga

Where I am is the miracle of the moment.

Where I am is the result of my answered prayers

The kneeling and the vows of commitment are how I teleported into the now

Where I am is the communion of faith.

Where I am is a knitted blanket of many threads of hope, encouragement, and actions that have converged into this form to preserve the beauty of my revelations.

Where I am is the victory of my self-belief.

Where I am is the weaving of memories that have come together to honour the arrival of the promises of my actions.

Where I am is a union of vision and action.

Where I am is the invitation to celebrate the rhythm of my actions and many petitions for self-determination.

Where I am, I dance with joy.

Where I am is filled with the nectar of God, crowning this moment with colourful fabrics of worshipping hope.

Where I am is a sweet taste of victory.

How I got to where I am…

I wrote this poem on 31 October (two days before my birthday) as I was reflecting on my 2023 journey. What resonated with me as I was honouring these words was this:

The road does not have to be perfect to be celebrated - what is honourable is the ability to see progress as the stars of wishes fulfilled and hope imagined.

My name is Nokubonga Mbanga and I am committed to making an impact.

I work with talented, driven & productive individuals and organisations that want to make a difference in the world while honouring their values & inner wisdom.