It's the season for blossoming & blooming

It's the Season for Blossoming & Blooming

We are like blossoming trees: holding on, letting go, rising & falling into our weathered souls – ANGIE WEILAND-CROSBY

We are deep into spring, nearing summer - the seasons that always remind people of renewal as the flowers blossom and bloom.

Blossoming to me is about coming into fullness with me on the things that I have been tending to. It is the outcome of my gatherings, it is the outcome of my reinforcements, the outcome of tending to the places I resisted and the places that I welcomed.

It is the culmination of understanding everything eventually opens up and flowers. It is the outcome of time and resources that make visible what needs the spotlight.

Blossoming is also in the smell of success, the bright picture of our vision, the cracking open of what seems impossible. It is in throwing yourself into determination, searching for more ways to be self-aware, and expanding into Change Makers that can be. Blooming is about trusting our potential.

It is a time to admire and marvel at the beauty of our glorious work. To be in awe of our journey and our leaderly behaviors.

I think that blooming opens us up to self-revere and so celebrating ourselves and our leadership agenda is an act of reverence.

Blossoming is energy from the inside out, enchanting us into a world of possibilities as we court our next chapter. A new season signals change from  “winter to spring” – nature is shifting, just as we are shifting from one story to another. Our internal shifts spring us into potential new beginnings, signaling an opportunity to expand our identities by tapping into our internal resources to prepare, reset and recommission to ourselves.

As we gladly enjoy the perfumed air from the scents of jasmine, roses, and other beautiful flowery creatures, consider what this season of blooming and flowering means for your leadership agenda.

Blossoming can be about self-renewal. Self-renewal is the outcome of tending and gathering ourselves for an expanding version of our vision/leadership agenda.

Explore these questions as you engage and connect with the spring season and what it reflects back to you:

  • What is your renewal inviting you to be aware of?
  • What self-leading skills have been strengthened by your renewal?
  • Is your self-renewal aligning you to your leadership agenda?
  • What is your connection with celebrating and seizing the moment?
  • Celebrate – what needs to be revered that gives power to your leadership agenda?

Blossoming is the unfolding of the effort of our tending. What we give attention to blooms.

Blossoming signals expectations of positive results through our efforts. We prune to prepare for the next season. What is your pre- bloom ritual?

It is connecting to create deeper meanings of our leading stories. Are the stories about yourself leading to a meaningful connection?

Blossoming is the result of leaning IN to support, asking and receiving, and being open to change.

We blossom in the cracks

We blossom in the uncertainty

We blossom in the endings

We blossom in the messiness

We blossom in the despair

We blossom every time we give ourselves an opportunity to explore our meaning

What blooms expands

What blooms  grows

What blooms flourishes

What blooms sparkles

What blooms bears fruit, unearthing a gem of potential in every part of our journey.

What is waiting to bear fruit from your leading 2022 stories?

My name is Nokubonga Mbanga and I am committed to making an impact.

I work with talented, driven & productive individuals and organisations that want to make a difference in the world while honouring their values & inner wisdom.