Harnessing The Power Within

Harnessing The Power Within

A client’s heartfelt feedback on our coaching journey

Dear Nokubonga,

I know that I should be writing a Google Review, but I find it more authentic to write this as a letter. I feel like that signifies the intimacy of our relationship. When you let someone in your life, you tell them all your hopes and dreams and they hold your hand and remind you that ‘You can do this, it’s scary, it feels “realistic” And someone who finds out that you have these thoughts and ambitions might think you’re borderline crazy’ someone who holds your hand and walks with you through something like that is really someone you share an intimate relationship with.

Some of the things you’ve told me to take time and sit with slowly through my brain. An example of this would be being present, I think it was towards the end of our sessions when it really struck me it really hit me I really got it the importance of being present in your life instead of delaying my joy or happiness and believing it lies somewhere in the future.

“You taught me that joy, happiness, satisfaction, or whatever I seek is normally in the here and now and that although the vision is important and it is necessary that my vision does not hold my happiness because my happiness is in the present moment.”

And recently it’s been the issue of defining things for myself. I remember how often you used to say this in our sessions:

“Aya, you need to define things for yourself.”

At the time it washed over me but now, wow! Now I am I’m getting it, I am seeing it and I am almost flabbergasted, I am blown out of the water by realising how important it is to set my own standards, define things for myself and live life according to my own rules.

“You’ve been that small voice that I carry inside that reminds me to never write myself off and always believe that I can achieve the best that I want for myself.”

I think we dug deep in my sessions, What I learned from them or what I noticed is that sometimes I want something that felt so big, so “out of reach” that I would speak myself out of it. I would convince myself not to pursue it because it felt so big and so grand and nearly impossible in my eyes. But with your guidance, I’m so excited to share that I got the international scholarship!!

And in typical Virgo fashion, we don’t take a lot of time celebrating a win, we almost always jump onto the next level. I have reached another level that I hope you can hold my hand as I gather the courage to take it on, as strange and as scary as it may seem.

That is how much I trust you and how much I am sure of your abilities. I’ve reached another scary crossroads in my life where I cannot tell any regular person my dream without the fear of them thinking I am dreaming too big or I am being ridiculous. But I know that you can at least hear me out without thinking I am insane. That speaks to the power and confidence you embody and inspire in your clients.

Thank you,

Aya N.

My name is Nokubonga Mbanga and I am committed to making an impact.

I work with talented, driven & productive individuals and organisations that want to make a difference in the world while honouring their values & inner wisdom.